Why Choose St. Pascal Baylon Catholic School? 

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent will ever make.

By choosing a St. Pascal Baylon Catholic School education, you are ensuring that your child is surrounded every day by people who share your values and high expectations.  Catholic teaching tells us that each child is a gift from God and a promise for tomorrow.  With that belief as our foundation, we have created an environment that develops the whole child by fostering academic achievement, personal responsibility and commitment to service.

St. Pascal Baylon Catholic school focuses on creating a culture of academic excellence designed to help each child thrive.  Our students excel and they are given the attention and tools that they need to be successful.

At the center of our success is our greatest asset -- our teachers.  These professionals bring to the classroom the highest degree of skill, commitment and caring.  They uphold our tradition of academic rigor and prepare students for the day when they will use their gifts to better their community.

Visit St. Pascal Baylon Catholic School and you'll see children learning, singing, acting, drawing, painting, dancing and praying together.  At St. Pascal Baylon Catholic School, spiritual development is not confined to a class; it is a continuous, ever-present affirmation that allows our students the chance to deepen their relationship with God and strengthen their own Catholic identity.

Just like people, St. Pascal Baylon Catholic School has a personality and charisma all it's own.  What we hold in common is a solid commitment to the academic, spiritual and personal development of every child.

School History

St. Pascal Baylon Parish was established on May 28, 1946, when Archbishop John Murray assigned Fr. John Ryan as pastor.

The first day of school in the new building was September 7, 1950, with nearly 200 students in attendance. Sister Alice Gertrude Hassing was the first principal, with Sisters Eunice Tussing, Blanche Rys, and Alice Baumgartner on staff.

The growing parish of St. Pascal's was destined to have a grade school enrollment of more than 1200 students. A sizable addition to St. Pascal's - the West Wing - was finished in 1963. It was decided that the basement portion of the new addition would be the church. In 1974, the decision was made to open a kindergarten. At this time, two additional classrooms were completed in the West Wing. Enrollment was at 559 students. In the spring of 2001, construction began on a new church, major renovations were done in the school building, and additional space was added.
Mission Statement

St. Pascal Baylon is a school of excellence in the East Metro where our students' lives are transformed in a Catholic, faith-centered environment focused on innovation, service to our community and the cultivation of each student's potential.

Philosophy Statement

At St. Pascal Baylon Catholic School we strive to share the love of Christ with those around us as we learn and grow spiritually, emotionally, and academically.

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