Discipline - Christian Behavior Expectations

The entire staff at St. Pascal Baylon Catholic School has the goal of establishing a Christian environment throughout the school in which children will feel safe, secure, and happy and, in addition, have a maximum opportunity to learn. In an effort to accomplish this goal, the following school-wide "Christian Behavior Expectations" are enforced.

Be Prompt and Prepared
  1. Come on time.
  2. Come with needed materials.
  3. Come with assignments completed.
Respect Authority
  1. Listen to authority.
  2. Follow directions.
  3. Accept responsibility for your own behavior.
Respect the Rights of Others
  1. Use appropriate voice and language.
  2. Listen to the speaker.
  3. Respect opinions of others.
  4. Refrain from harassment.
Respect Property
  1. Respect the property of others.
  2. Respect your own property.
  3. Use materials and equipment appropriately.
Display a Concern for Learning
  1. Remain on task.
  2. Allow others to remain on task.
  3. Help others to learn.
Display Appropriate Social Skills
  1. Cope (disagreement, teasing, failure).
  2. Display courtesy and tact.
  3. Interact with others appropriately.
Display Appropriate Christian Behavior
  1. Display positive character.
  2. Display productive character.
Specific Behavior Policies
  1. All students will come dressed in uniforms:
  • Shirts tucked in.
  • Skirts / jumpers appropriate length.
  • Appropriate shoes.
  • Belts required for Middle School students.
         2.   No gum chewing.

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