Fifth Grade Curriculum

Reading/Language Arts

Fifth Grade Reading focuses on comprehension. Guided oral and silent reading are used for both oral and written comprehension. Vocabulary is introduced at the beginning of each story and developed throughout the lesson. Each story has strategies and skills to teach better comprehension. These strategies and skills are tested at the end of each unit. Classroom novels are used as an additional resource for developing comprehension and skills. Independent reading is encouraged and students keep a record of books they have read. Fifth Grade Reading is grouped into two sections, which may change throughout the year.

Fifth Grade Language includes grammar, mechanics and usage to become more proficient writers and speakers in their communication skills. Students are grouped into two sections to help work at their ability level.

Fifth Grade Spelling units are independently completed by the students. We work with a series which promotes reading and following directions. The units are corrected together and students work during the week using a variety of activities to prepare for the Spelling test. The test consists of words and dictation sentences.


Each student has a Math textbook, a workbook, and a variety of related materials to use. Students learn through large group instruction, individual assignments, and independent work. Once a week, math skills are reinforced in the computer room. Fifth Grade Math is grouped into two ability groups, which may change throughout the year.
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Fifth Graders have art class once a week. Color, proportion, and fine motor skills are reflected in most projects. The topic is introduced and there is time to begin the assignment. During the week, the assignment is worked on. Some projects are an extension of curriculum, some are seasonal, and some are just for enjoyment.


Our Religion Curriculum focuses on Church Tradition. Scripture, Church Doctrine, Saints, and cultural customs are intertwined in each lesson. Students participate in one grade-level mass, as well as one all-school mass each month. Students are given a "Prayer Buddy" each year to sit with at Mass and celebrate other activities with. Fifth Graders are paired with younger children for buddies. St. Pascal's School also is involved with community service projects. Our Social Justice committee meets to decide where our efforts are most needed. Neighborhood leaf raking, mitten collections, and food drives are a few of our most recent school-wide projects.

Social Studies

Fifth Grade Social Studies concentrates on American History, with a focus on Early Americans and Native Americans, and our country's history of government. Instruction is given on content reading and note taking. Map skills are tied into the curriculum and a variety of maps are drawn, read, and interpreted. One class period per week centers on local, national, and international current events. A simple research paper on a president ties together all skills worked on throughout the year.

Library / Computer

Fifth Graders go to the Library once a week for reading time, and to the Computer Lab once a week for math skills. Additional time in both of these areas is provided when needed. Research and word processing skills are taught in the computer lab.


Fifth graders have the option to participate in the Hill-Murray Band Program. Band lessons are both individual and group. Lessons run on a particular day and the student is responsible for making up any work missed during the lessons. The band program begins in fourth grade.


Spanish, Physical Education, Music, Elementary Science - These classes are taught by a specialized teacher. Most classes meet two times each week, with the exception of Science, which meets three times weekly.

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