First Grade Curriculum

Reading/Language Arts

Our Reading program has a strong phonetic base with Writing, Spelling, and Literature integrated in. Lessons are taught in both whole group and small ability-based groups. Students are taught a variety of sight words and decoding skills.


Much of our phonics is taught in Reading, but we also use a separate workbook to reinforce sounds.


The students work on one spelling unit each week. Students start out the year with a list of six words per week and increase to ten words per week by mid-year. We also add surprise words beginning second quarter.


Skills and concepts are reinforced through the use of many manipulatives. Addition and subtraction facts are taught through 18. Units include the following: tens and ones, money, fractions, geometry, measurement, graphing, time, and calendars.

Our Curriculums

Faith Development

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Specialists' Curriculum
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The first graders learn that God made us special and loves each of us. We use a workbook to help lead our discussions. Religion class is a very oral class with lots of prayer readings, parable discussions and acting out of various Bible stories. Students are orally tested on The Lord's Prayer, The Hail Mary, and The Glory Be. Students attend Mass twice a month, once for an all-school Mass and once for a kindergarten through second grade Mass.

Areas of study include the following:
  • God made us and loves us
  • God's world is a gift to us, God gave us each special gifts
  • Caring for God's creation, using our gifts
  • The Holy Trinity is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit
  • The Holy Family is Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
  • Jesus told stories or parables to teach about God's love
  • The Bible is God's written word
  • The Great Commandment is one of God's Laws, you are to love God above all else and love others as you love yourself
  • Prayer is talking and listening to God, Jesus taught us the Lord's Prayer
  • Mary said yes to God, we can say yes to God
  • The Holy Spirit helps us
  • Saints are friends of God who can show us how to live
  • Jesus' words and actions teach us how to love and serve God
  • The Ten Commandments are God's laws to help people make good choices
  • God always forgives those who are truly sorry and want to do better
  • Jesus died and rose to new life
  • Baptism is your welcome into the Church family
  • At Mass the Church family celebrates God's love
  • Heaven is being happy with God forever
  • Justice, peace, and love are signs of God's Kingdom

Social Studies

Our main units of study are as follows: All About Families, Where We Live, Good Citizens, All Kinds of Jobs, and Americans Long Ago. We also study some special units throughout the year which include the following: Apples, Winter Holidays, Famous African Americans, Women of Courage, Bunnies, Careers, and Bugs.

Science, Spanish, Music and Physical Education are taught by specialists.

Special Events
SeptemberGetting acquainted/Parent Night, Johnny Appleseed Day
OctoberMarathon, Columbian Missions, Picture Day, Halloween Party
NovemberNative American Study, Conferences
DecemberAdvent Activities, Winter Holidays, Christmas Program, Christmas party, Christmas vacation
JanuaryMartin Luther King, Jr./Peace, Catholic Schools Week
FebruaryValentine's party, President's Day, 100th Day project and party, famous African Americans, Candy Sale
MarchLent, St. Patrick's Day, Bunnies, Easter *
AprilSpring Break *, MAT8 Testing
MayCareer Sharing with parents, Bug study
JuneBug Day, Last day of school

Volunteer Opportunities

We use a lot of volunteers in first grade. Volunteers are needed for CHIRP, enrichment groups, tutoring, copying, art, class parties, and special days.

* - these dates vary each year.

Volunteer Opportunities

We use a lot of volunteers in first grade. Volunteers are needed for CHIRP, enrichment groups, tutoring, copying, art, class parties, and special days.

* - these dates vary each year.
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