Admissions and Enrollment for Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten

Ready to join us at St. Pascal’s Childhood Learning Center?
Start the enrollment process for preschool or junior kindergarten by completing the online Admission Application through TADS. Admissions, enrollment, financial aid and tuition payments are managed online by TADS.

First, you will be prompted to create a new account. (If you currently use TADS for St. Pascal's students in grades K-8 or for other schools, you will use that same login information).
  • You will be prompted to select which days and program in which you are enrolling your child and pay the enrollment fee of $50. This fee is per family so if you are registering more than one child for Preschool and/or PreK, you will only pay $50. If you are registering a preschooler/pre-kindergartener AND a child entering K-8, you will pay $120 registration fee (this is the fee for K-8 New Families) and NOT be expected to pay both the preschool fee and the K-8 registration fee).
  • Upon acceptance, you will be notified by e-mail to complete the online enrollment section at the TADS website. This is the last step where you will enter detailed information regarding your child’s immunizations, emergency contact information, etc.
If you have questions about the registration process or would like to schedule a tour of St. Pascal’s Childhood Center, please contact Mary McGrath, Admissions and Enrollment Specialist in our school office at 651-776-0092, x112 or by e-mail at

St. Pascal’s Childhood Learning Center Contact Information
Program Director: Colleen Urness
Phone: 651-776-0092, x124

 TADS Help

For assistance with TADS, please contact the parent helpline at TADS, Monday-Friday, from 8am - 8pm at 612-548-3320 or 800-477-8237 or
There are Spanish interpreters available to help!
Financial Aid forms are now available in many languages.

Preschool and PreK School Day Options:
When registering on TADS, please select the corresponding days of the week to the number of days you'd like to have your child attend school.

2 days a week = Tuesday and Thursday
3 days a week = Monday, Wednesday and Friday
5 days a week = Monday through Friday

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