Second Grade Curriculum

Reading/Language Arts

Our basal program is a skill-oriented program enhanced with literature. Daily skills include the following: Daily Oral Language, Journaling, Creative Writing, Literature Based Stories with a focus on comprehension skills. Lessons are taught in both large and small group settings.


Skills include the following: Short and Long Vowels, Vowel Patterns, ABC Order, Digraphs, Consonant Blends, Compound Words, and Decoding Skills.


The students work on one spelling unit each week. We begin the year with ten words and increase to fourteen words by Second Quarter. Dictation sentences are also part of the weekly tests..


This subject involves skills and concepts that are reinforced through the use of manipulatives. The following skills are included: Addition and Subtraction Strategies, Money, Time, Problem Solving, and Addition and Subtraction of two and three digit numbers. Lessons are taught in both large and small group settings, as well as paired and individual work.

Our Curriculums

Faith Development

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Second Grade
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Specialists' Curriculum
Physical Education
Elementary Science
Computer Technology


Students are encouraged to share and ask questions during daily discussions. There are activity sheets as well as an assessment with each weekly chapter. We plan and attend K-2 Masses, All-School Masses, Prayer Services, and Monthly Prayer Buddy activities.

Children in grade two, and older, are invited to participate in preparation for First Eucharist. Because sacraments are prepared for, and celebrated, within the faith community, sacramental preparation is done as a parish activity. Classroom teachers support the parish program, but do not do the actual instruction. School and faith formation children, and their parents, participate in group preparation sessions and a retreat for families. The purpose of these sessions is to help participants attain a deeper understanding of the meaning of the Eucharist in their lives. In addition, a preparation book is provided for families to complete at home. For more information, please check out the Parish Faith Formation page.

Social Studies

Our main units of study include the following: Community, The Earth, Our Past, Government, Jobs, and Needs and Wants.


Second Graders attend Physical Education, Music, and Spanish twice a week, Science three times a week, and the Computer Lab and the Library once a week.

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