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Fundraising is critical to the success of St. Pascal’s School.

Tuition covers a portion of the school’s operating budget. Additional financial resources are required for student scholarships, meeting day-to-day expenses and making capital improvements. St. Pascal’s has been serving students since 1950. The generous support of our community allows our mission to continue, providing every student who desires a Catholic education the opportunity to learn here. To learn more about philanthropic opportunities, please contact Mary Worley, Director of Development at 651-774-1585 or


The Annual Fund is a yearly fundraising drive that closes the gap between tuition income and the actual cost of a St. Pascal Baylon School student’s education. Financial gifts play a large part in balancing our overall budget and help us plan wisely for future expenditures, including new technology, teacher salaries and benefits, our facilities and other capital investments.

Become a sustaining donor to St. Pascal’s School. Establish an automated gift plan by spreading your donation over a series of credit card charges.You can choose a monthly, quarterly or annual payment and gifts will be withdrawn on the 15th of the month. Use our  online giving form to join.

Great way to support tuition assistance
  • Fr. Michael Byron Scholarship Fund - $1000 pledge per year for a student to attend St. Pascal’s for the full nine years.
  • John & Mary Byron Scholarship Fund
  • Joan Hauri Scholarship Fund
  • SPBS Knights Scholarship Fund

Make a gift to St. Pascal’s in honor of or in memory of someone.

If your company has an Employer Matching Gift program, you can double the impact of your donation to St. Pascal’s School! Fill out your company’s matching gift form and mail it to St. Pascal’s. You could also go to your company’s matching gift website to request a matching gift.

Planned giving secures St. Pascal’s future. Your gift will become part of the school’s endowment and will support educational initiatives critical to advancing our mission. It will provide resources that can be drawn upon year after year, helping to ensure St. Pascal’s educates our community’s children well into the future.

The St. Pascal’s Knights Society recognizes and honors the generosity of those who make provisions for St. Pascal’s School in their estate plans. We invite you to become a member by making a lasting and meaningful contribution to St. Pascal Baylon School, ensuring that future generations of students benefit from an education.

Upon notification to St. Pascal Baylon School of your gift intentions, you will be invited to join The St. Pascal’s Knights Society. If you would like additional information about including St. Pascal’s in your estate plan, please contact Mary Worley, Director of Development at 651-774-1585 or Donate to St Pascal Baylon Catholic School
A charitable bequest an easy way to give to St. Pascal’s. A charitable request is simply a distribution from your estate to a charitable organization through your last will and testament. Different types of bequests include: 
  • General Bequests are legacies left to certain people or causes that come from the general value of the estate, and are made by designating a specific dollar amount, a particular asset or a fixed percentage of your estate to the cause of your choice.
  • Specific Bequests are made when a particular item or property is bequeathed for a designated purpose. (i.e., instruments bequeathed to St. Pascal’s for use in music education; dollar funds to be used in the operation of St. Pascal’s.)
  • Residuary Bequests are made when you intend to leave the residue portion of your assets after other terms of the will have been satisfied.
  • Contingency Bequests allow you to leave a portion of your estate to a particular charity if your named beneficiary does not survive you.
Naming St. Pascal Baylon School as the beneficiary of one or more of your retirement plans is a potential tax-saving strategy. As a charity, St. Pascal Baylon School would not be required to pay income tax on the amount received upon your death. In contrast, the qualified retirement plans and IRA funds would be considered “income in respect of a decedent” to your family members and subject to income tax. In addition, your estate would receive a charitable deduction, thereby reducing the size of your taxable estate.
Consider naming St. Pascal Baylon School as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy on your life if your spouse or children will not need the funds. This can be a great way to make a substantial gift to St. Pascal Baylon School. In addition, your estate would receive a charitable deduction, thereby reducing the size of your taxable estate. Another option would be to transfer ownership of the policy to St. Pascal Baylon School during your lifetime.
A charitable remainder trust allows you to transfer assets to a trust, receive an annual income stream from the assets, and pass the remainder amount to St. Pascal Baylon School upon your death or after a term of years. You would receive an income tax deduction upon the creation of the trust based on the remainder amount that will pass to St. Pascal Baylon School.
A charitable gift annuity allows you to donate assets to St. Pascal Baylon School in exchange for St. Pascal Baylon School’s promise to pay you a lifetime income stream. In addition, you would receive an income tax deduction based on the amount passing to St. Pascal Baylon School.

St. Pascal Baylon School and its employees are not engaged in rendering legal, investment or tax advice. The content provided is for general information purposes only. Advice and assistance on specific cases should be obtained from attorneys or other professional counsel. Be aware of tax revisions. Because individual state laws govern charitable gifts, wills and trusts, the advice of an attorney should be sought when considering any of these gifts.

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